Lay-Z-Spa® is the world's first premium portable spa

Almost a decade of advanced engineering innovations have built a name people all around the world have grown to trust

Sooth your body and relax your mind with the touch of a button! The AirJets work by releasing warm air into the water, surrounding you with a calming bubble massage.
A bubbling spa is the perfect way to unwind! The AirJets release calming air bubbles right from the center of the bottom and sidewalls of the spa to target both the legs and the back. Plus, it can all be controlled right from your smart device!
Unwind with a relaxing spa massage! The HydroJet nozzles provide a soothing jetstream of water from the sidewalls, in combination with a calming flow of air bubbles that release from the bottom of the spa.
Xtras Accessories TM
Taking care of your spa is a breeze with the different maintenance and environment items offered by Lay-Z-Spa! Create an even more relaxing environment, with items such as pillow add-ons or drink holders.



A haven for up to seven adults.

Add ambiance

and atmosphere

with colorful LED lighting.


all year round

Any weather, any time.



in the ultimate jetstream massage experience.



Nothing beats the feeling of sinking into a warm, bubbling spa after a long, hard day. From durable construction to the heating pumps, every Lay-Z-Spa is made with innovative technology.

The inflated walls are made from drop stitch material, providing unparalleled strength and durability. Threads securely connect the sidewalls, which seal in air to keep the spa inflated. This material can support considerable weight while still being light and portable.
Durable, yet comfortable, Tritech™ is a 3-ply reinforced material - offering superior strength and durability to the construction of our spas. It also allows the spa to retain its shape no matter how many times it's inflated and deflated.
Lay-Z-Spa's beam construction is designed to offer superior structural stability while still maintaining a comfortable surface. It always provides a comfortable, luxurious spa experience.
The included pump is used to both inflate and heat your Lay-Z-Spa. It takes approximately 5 minutes to inflate, and then the pump easily attaches to the side of your spa. The digital control panel allows you to heat the water up to a blissful 40˚C (104˚F) and control the flow of massaging bubbles. Also, included with every spa is the Power Saving Timer, which will allow you to control the temperature of your spa up to 72 hours in advance!
Designed with innovative winterizing technology, the Freeze Shield™ automatic heating function activates if outside temperatures are low to keep internal temperatures between 6˚C and 10˚C. This will stop water from freezing and causing damage to the internal structure of the spa, and it will allow you to enjoy your spa all year long!
With the Bestway Smart Hub™ app, control is right in the palm of your hand. This innovation makes the Lay-Z-Spa one of the most convenient on the market. Compatible with smart devices, the Spa Control section of the app lets you set your spa to the perfect temperature. Whether you're on the go or at home, you can also activate the Power Saving Timer, the Filtration System and the AirJet Plus Massage System all with the touch of a button.
These lights add a bit of ambiance to your spa. With different changing colors, the LED bulbs can be both fun and relaxing. For use during the day, but mostly at night, the colorful lights will add the wow-factor to your spa experience!
40˚C / 104˚F Maximum